How are you today?

I would like to share a small story with you up here, and i hope to receive some opinions/ comments back.

"Riga residents are entitled to receive discounts from Riga City Council for using the public transport, but the problem lies with the initiative to increase ticket prices almost twice for residents who are not registered in Riga".

The plan starting from January 2014 is that unregistered residents of Riga will need to pay EUR 1.20 (LVL 0.84). Registered residents, on the other hand, will pay only EUR 0.60 (LVL 0.42).

The thing we have at the moment is that the current fare for a single trip using public transport in Riga is LVL 0.50 (EUR 0.71).

Is this really the the rifgt way how to grab the money out of pockets of the citizens ?

Appreciate your opinions!