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Thread: Deeper R1b subclade resolution for the Brabant Y-DNA Project (Belgium)

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    Thumbs up Deeper R1b subclade resolution for the Brabant Y-DNA Project (Belgium)

    The Brabant DNA Project, with 1000+ members from all Belgium and a few from bordering areas (especially North Brabant in the Netherlands), has re-tested the Y-DNA of all R1b members for the following subclades.

    - Under U106: Z18, Z381, L48, and U198
    - Under P312: L21/M529 and Z195/Z196
    - Under U152: L2 and L20

    The new distribution is as follows:

    Belgium (n=871 with confirmed Belgian ancestors )

    TOTAL R1b : n=524 (60%)

    P25 : n=1 (0.1%)
    P297 : n=1 (0.1%)
    M269 (+ L23) : n=16 (1.8%)
    P310/L11 : n=6 (0.7%)

    - All U106/S21 : n=218 (25%)
    -- U106* : n=15 (1.7%)
    -- Z18 : n=18 (2%)
    -- Z381 : n=72 (8.3%)
    --- U198 : n=9 (1%)
    --- L48 : n=104 (11.9%)

    - All P312/S116 : n=282 (32.3%)
    -- P312* : n=84 (9.6%)
    -- L21 : n=78 (8.9%)
    -- Z196* : n=27 (3.1%)
    -- SRY2627 : n=6 (0.7%)
    -- U152* : n=28 (3.2%)
    --- L2 : n=46 (5.2%)
    ---- L20 : n=13 (1.5%)

    This is extremely interesting since we have for the first accurate percentage of R1b-L21 for Belgium and it is a bit higher than expected (nearly 9%).

    L48 makes up nearly half of all U106 lineages, which is to be expected considering that this is a huge branch with plenty of subclades of its own. It is perhaps more surprising that 8.3% of Z381 are U198- and L48-, which means that they could either belong to the more mysterious Z153 and/or another subclade yet to be identified.

    On the U152 side, just above two third of the lineages are L2+, including 15% of L20+. The proportion of L2 to U152 is in the average for northern Europe. This leaves only 3.2% for Z36, Z56 and Z192.

    There is still 9.6% of P312 not accounted for. This might include some of the 7 other clades of DF27 beside Z196, which is already at a surprisingly high 3.8%. We can surely expect between 5% and 10% of DF27 in Belgium.
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