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Thread: Connection between autosomal results and Y-DNA

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    Connection between autosomal results and Y-DNA

    I've tested Family Finder just a couple of months ago, since then I've tried all of the free admixture calculators avaliable. Both Eurogenes, Dodecad, MDLP and HarappaWorld Oracle results primarly put me as a Hungarian or other Cenetral European population (Serbian, Austrian etc.). The two population mode however shows results like 80-85% Central European (Hungarian, Slovenian etc.) and 18-10% Italian, Greek, or 90% CEU and 10-7% Sephardi Jewish, Lebanese, Druze, Arab etc. I got in touch with Mr. McDonald as well, he ran his test on my data. He came up with primarly Hungarian, but a considerable percent of my DNA shows Middle Eastern patterns.

    My Y-DNA haplogroup is J2b* (M205-, M241-) which is thought to be a Middle Eastern haplogroup. Altough Mr. McDonald's map analysis puts my Mideast admixture to Albania/Greece where J2b peaks, but as far as I know exclusively J2b2 and J2b1. (He also told me that a Greek or Albanian line could be true for me, but I should also keep in mind Jews of Thessaloniki and Malta.)


    Could it be, that my Y-DNA haplogroup so my direct paternal line is responsible for this Middle Eastern admixture or is it just whishful thinking and Y-DNA has absolutly nothing to do with these results?
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