Dear Maciamo, I appreciate the substantial amount of time you dedicate on creating these great haplogroup distribution maps and I understand how hard it must be to go through all the evidence and get it right for every single region in Europe. I could see from your mt-DNA maps that the data for Cyprus are not accurate and up to date. I would kindly ask you to use the latest figures available from the Irwin et al (2008) paper and/or from the Cypriot DNA project (below):

1. Irwin et al, Mitochondrial control region sequences from northern Greece and Greek Cypriots. Int J Legal Med. 2008

mt-DNA Haplogroups (n=91)_____________%
H 28,6
K 20,9
U 16,5
T 8,8
J 5,5
I 3,3
W 3,3
X 3,3
L 3,3
M1 2,2
R2 2,2
N1 1,1
HV 1,1

2. Cypriot DNA project (FTDNA/23andme/GENO2.0 data)

mt-DNA Haplogroups (n=75)_____________%
H 33,3
K 20,0
U 18,7
T 5,3
J 4,0
I 2,7
W 4,0
X 1,3
L 1,3
M1 2,7
R0 1,3
N1 1,3
HV 4,0