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Thread: Sima de los Huesos – Atapuerca

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    Sima de los Huesos – Atapuerca

    Max Plank Institute, Germany have retrieved 400.000 yo mtDNA from humans in Northern Spain.

    Formerly this was supposed to be Homo Heidelbergiensis, ancestor to Neanderthals.
    Now they appear to be related to Denisovans, from which they split 700.000 years ago.
    The cave in Northern Spain was inhabeted by these humans since 850.000 years ago, maybe even 1.000.000 years ago, till about 350.000 years ago.
    Where did Neanderthal come from then?
    Neanderthal split from Homo sapiens some 600.000 years ago.
    It seems now they originated in Africa after all, coming to Europe some 350.000 years ago, driving the Sima de los Huesos people to extinction and expanding 80.000 years ago to the Levant, Zagros Mountains and Central Asia, driving Denisovans further east.

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    That "Homo Heidelbergiensis" have some Neanderthal DNA in her genetic.

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