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Thread: Geo-Engineering-- what says you?

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    Geo-Engineering-- what says you?

    I recently watched a lively debate between author Clive Hamilton and Harvard Professor David Keith on C-Span (national television channel here in the U.S.) concerning the pros/cons of geo-engineering to fight "climate change". Professor Keith proposes that we should release 20,000 tons of sulphuric acid a year into the upper atmosphere to combat the greenhouse effect.

    This is no longer the realm of crackpots and conspiracy buffs. The concept of geo-engineering is here to stay (unfortunately). Unlike the far more passive carbon credits debate, this fiasco will force each side into action ready camps-- we might be seeing tremendous activity in the upper atmosphere if the wrong team wins here.

    What is your opinion on this stuff?

    I think it is a HORRIBLE idea, one where we can only guess at the unintended side effects.
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