Thanks Johen, it's a pleasure!
Have you a front sight of the crania?
At first sight the profile of the skull is close enough to 'europoid' archaic forms and doesn't evocate me something 'mongoloid' - even the cheekbones don't seem projected too much forwards, and the nose is typically archaic-caucasian - maybe the teeth crown is different??? I cannot say -
the profile of the skull is different from and 'croma' and 'brünn' ('croma' have kind of angle at forehead, 'brünn' is more receding and flatter for with stronger browridges - this kind of receding forehaed, gently curved without too strong browridges and the special meso skull seen from top has a curious shape: so I prefer rely on scientists judgement here, if this stateent concerns the skull you show here -
in the link you gave, there are a reconstruction of a skull (this one?) and the picture of a living 'mongoloid' of somewhere (where?): I see very few ties between both, and I don't know what the text says because it's in russian I don't understand -