Hello everyone,

I have been an avid reader and follower of most of the posts and contents on this site... and now I finally joined it!

A bit of background:
My father first tested his Y back in 2007 with National Geographic's The Genographic Project, which revealed that he and I (as well as our paternal lineage) belonged to K2. As everything updated, we became M70. Then, last summer (2013), I tested myself this time with their Geno 2.0 Beta kit and it was revealed that I was T-CTS11984. The map shows my terminal SNP as L131* but the marker displayed for my profile and kit is CTS11984. I looked it up and it means "Chris Tyler-Smith", the scientist who recently discovered these SNPs and named them after himself. - Does this mean that CTS11984 is equivalent to L131*?

Beyond this, I have been undergoing deep and intense investigation regarding the origin of my surname (Fundora) and of my deep paternal ancestry. The earliest info I have is regarding my four-times great-grandfather, Luis Fundora, born about 1809 in San Antonio de Rio Blanco del Norte, La Habana, Cuba.

The only other people that share the same SNP as I who have "stories" on the Nat Geno site are two men: one with a Peruvian father, born in Callao, Peru (with supposed Ashkenazim roots) and one of Irish paternal heritage with surname Sullivan.

I appreciate any help! Thanks!