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Thread: Should Belgium Separate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeBrok View Post
    Yes, sometimes there are big anomalies according to unusual local conditions. It is the case in Luxemburg. The prices should be the highest in Europe but are not.

    Here are just the Belgioum prices:
    During 2013:
    • In Brussels-Capital region, regular house prices increased by 4.3% (3.1% inflation-adjusted) to €368,941
    • In the Flemish region (Flanders), prices of regular houses rose by 2.1% (1% inflation-adjusted) to an average of €212,265
    • In Walloon region (Wallonia), regular house prices increased 0.9% (-0.2% inflation-adjusted) to an average of €147,816

    Roughly one can guess that people in Brussels make make more money than on average in Flemish region and lastly Walloon. Brussel's prices might be higher than it should be thanks to international capital liking big centers better to invest money in Real Estate.
    That's very misleading because Brussels has by far the highest unemployment rate of the three regions: In 2012 unemployment was at 21% in Brussels, 14% in Wallonia and 7% in Flanders.

    Brussels also has the highest percentage of third world immigrants and of people living under the poverty line (as of 2008: 26% in Brussels, against 10.1% in Flanders and 19.5% in Wallonia).

    It is true that the richest people also usually live in or around Brussels, but never together with poor people. There is a major split between rich and poor neighbourhoods in Brussels, as illustrated by the map I made based on official income per household:

    Yet this is not really reflected in the house prices. Here is the map of the 50 cheapest and most expensive municipalities in Belgium based on average house prices. Brussels is divided in 19 municipalities. As you can see, even the poorest municipalities, those where about half of the population are poor and unemployed immigrants, have more expensive real estate than virtually anywhere in wealthy Flanders.

    As for Wallonia, it has the most expensive province in Belgium outside Brussels (Walloon Brabant just south of Brussels), but also the cheapest one (dirty poor Hainaut province in the west).

    Some of the most expensive municipalities in Flanders are located between Brussels and Wallonia and are actually in majority French speaking (90% in Kraainem and Wezembeek-Oppem) or with strong French-speaking minorities (20-30% in Tervuren, Zaventem, Overijse). These municipalities are the strongest source of tensions between French and Dutch speakers as French-speakers want them to join bilingual Brussels, but Flemings refuse as they don't want to loose the high tax revenues.

    What we can remember from these stats is that both the richest and poorest municipalities in Belgium are essentially French speaking. This shows a greater income inequality among French speakers than among Dutch speakers, which is not surprising as Germanic countries are more egalitarian than Romance/Celtic ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo View Post
    What we can remember from these stats is that both the richest and poorest municipalities in Belgium are essentially French speaking. This shows a greater income inequality among French speakers than among Dutch speakers, which is not surprising as Germanic countries are more egalitarian than Romance/Celtic ones.
    I don't think it has anything to do with Germanic vs Romance/Celtic. The division is highly exagerated.

    I think it's down to demographics. Flanders is now characterized by a young middle class population which has identified itself with a standardized Flemish culture. This is quite new. They are the strong middle class of Belgium. Francophone Belgium has both the waning upper-class, high bourgeoisie who are losing their prestige and probably their wealth, and the descendants of the working class of a collapsed industry. So, Francophone Belgium is a hourglass shaped society while Flanders has the bulk of the middle class, for now.

    It's the hazard of demographics basically, it might be different 30 years from now. It's a belgian (and german/anglo-saxon) obsession to ethnicize everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeBrok View Post
    Till it changes you don't have a case. Just fear mongering, as per your specialty. You might as well prepare for invasion of aliens. Theoretically it is possible too.

    If all humans were perfect we wouldn't need law and ethics. It is not the case, therefore we have ethics and laws to keep destructive behavior and individuals in check. For that reason there is law against pedophila. I have no idea what point you're trying to make with "scattered randomly across the population"? Like stealing, murder or physical abuse? You don't suggest these things will be legalized in rotten western world too? So what is this fear mongering with your favorite pedophila exemple???!!! Do you have at least one example of one country in the west legalizing this to support your worst fears? So give it a rest finally.
    I don't know where you're going with this, because it has nothing to do with the thread, or with my support to thesis #66.

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    Belgium is not petty like that. They are beyond such things. They won't split.

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