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Thread: Are Netherlands/Belgium more socialist than capitalist?

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    Question Are Netherlands/Belgium more socialist than capitalist?

    do Dutch people/Belgians generally have sense of fairness or do they have "poverty and inequality are inevitable" mentality?

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    Belgium and Netherlands are not really comparable when it comes to the political system. In Belgium you also got Walloon parliament and a Flemish parliament these total different mindsets.

    Besides I know more about the Dutch than the Belgium politics. Depends on what party you vote for. But in generally I would say the political system is still very social minded. We have what we call "polderen" which derives from the old water boards way of negotiation - sitting around the table to solve some water problem so that nobody would have to drown if a new dike was built.
    Employers organizations, the government, and the Unions are often sitting around the table in the same way and negotiating new wages, pensions and what not. So there is a strong sense of: we are sitting in the same boat and we have to deal with another if we like or not.

    So the answer is both, we try be the preacher and merchant (dominee en koopman) in one person. So it is a very pragmatic and sometimes contradicting mindset.
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