Ancestry is good for some things and not good for others. It is better for finding relatives, and records if you are willing to pay. It won't give you haplogroups, I know mine anyway from FTDNA and YFull. I was with 23andMe but after being stung by the FDA, 23andMe got very jingoistic, and anti anyone not in the USA. After I lost my medical and other information, I gave them the middle finger. I will never go back to that shoddy company.

I use Ancestry to confirm my genealogy tree. It is one thing to list your ancestors, but it is another to have them confirmed. "A wise child knows his own father". I have a 2nd cousin on my mother's side, he is American. I have confirmed relatives on my father's side as well. The downside is as a Maltese born person, I am related distantly to every Maltese person. Also I have my tree on Ancestry. I had it on a spreadsheet and it was getting too messy. Anyone on Ancestry can see your tree if you allow it. Another downside is most Ancestry customers do not have a tree or the tree is very basic, and they do nothing about it.

According to Ancestry I am 100% Malta, my 2nd cousin is 50% which stands to reason since his father was Maltese.

I just remembered, Ancestry has a program called ThruLines which predicts who your ancestors were using public and private trees in Ancestry. It works sometimes and other times it is way off the mark as they rely too much on the accuracy of these trees, and from my experience, quite a lot are wrong.