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Thread: Searching for famous R1b-U106 individuals

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    Post Searching for famous R1b-U106 individuals

    This thread is dedicated to proposing new famous members of haplogroup R1b-U106 (S21) and its subclades.

    So far, confirmed R1b-U106 carriers include:

    - The House of Bourbon

    - The House of Wettin

    - James K. Polk (L48+ according to the Polk-Pollock DNA Project)

    - Ulysses S. Grant (U106 > L47 > Z159 according to the Grant DNA Project)

    - James D. Watson

    - J. Craig Venter

    Here are a few prospective carriers that should be further investigated.

    - Alexander Graham Bell : Scottish members of the Bell DNA Project are almost all R1b-U106 (mostly L1/S26 subclade). They even grouped many participants under the title "Alexander Bell 1848", which could mean that this is the presumed lineage of the co-inventor of the telephone (although he was actually born in 1847). Unfortunately no information is provided.
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