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Thread: George Washington probably belonged to haplogroup R1b-L21

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    Post George Washington probably belonged to haplogroup R1b-L21

    The first President of the United States, George Washington may well have belonged to R1b-L21>DF13. This deduction is based on the results from the Washington DNA Project where most bearers of that surname belong to various clades under DF13. The only member who claims descend from John Washington (1632-1677), great-grand-father of the 1st US president, belongs to R1b-L21>DF13>ZZ10>Z253>Z2186>BY2744.

    George Washington's ancestors hailed from Oxfordshire, and before that from Lancashire. Washington is a relatively rare surname and was originally distributed exactly in those two regions according to the 1881 survey.

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    I believe he descends from a "William De Hertburn". A man who came to England with the Norman invasions. Was the L21 variant of R1B common among Normans?

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