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Thread: swiss genetics

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    T1a2 -Z19945..Jura
    MtDNA haplogroup
    H95a1 ..Pannoni

    Ethnic group
    North Alpine Italian
    Country: Australia

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    swiss genetics

    2 years old, but I have never seen it...interesting
    có che un pòpoło no 'l defende pi ła só łéngua el xe prónto par èser s'ciavo

    when a people no longer dares to defend its language it is ripe for slavery.

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    I2c1 PF3892+ (Swiss)
    MtDNA haplogroup
    U4a (Cornish)

    Ethnic group
    3/4 Colonial American, 1/8 Cornish, 1/8 Welsh
    Country: USA - California

    It probably hasn't been discussed much because it's a somewhat old-fashioned HLA analysis, which probably isn't as useful as many more current autosomal analyses, or even Y-DNA/mtDNA analyses really. Nonetheless I think that some of its results would likely replicate using other methods, like there being a greater difference in genetics between Alpine and Plateau regions that between East and West regions or even than linguistic regions. One odd result is that Lausanne clusters on the other side of the German-speaking sample regions, away from other French-speaking regions, as if Lausanne was genetically more "German" than the "German" regions. I doubt that would replicate with other methods, though.

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