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Thread: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Research Study

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    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Research Study

    Hello Everyone,

    I am conducting a study on Sexual orientations and Gender-identity, with a specific focus on individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

    This study aims to learn about how people without ASD and with ASD experience their sexuality and come to understand their sexual orientation, whether it be heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, asexuality, questioning or pansexuality. All are welcome.

    We believe that improving our understanding in the area of Sexuality will increase awareness among people, foster greater understanding and acceptance of one’s sexuality within family, friendship and work environments, and enhance sex-education programs.
    Autism rates have increased significantly over the last two decades and there are several individuals with ASD struggling with anxiety and depression, and facing difficulties negotiating with their sexuality.

    Could you please consider taking an online survey, which should take about 20 minutes or so to complete to help us with our study. You do not need to have a diagnosis of Autism to participate. We need both typically-developing persons and those with Autism, as we are looking at autism within the wider population. The link is presented here.

    Help us make a difference. I thank you sincerely for your time and consideration.
    Kind regards,
    Dr. Rita George

    [email protected]

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    Your study is not scientific and is motivated by ideology. Much research has been done on the causes of autism and the causes of homosexuality. Why haven't you heard of it? There has been a huge increase in both autism and homosexuality. Why? One theory is that exposure to chemicals that resemble sex hormones may be causing homosexuality to increase. Testosterone levels are falling in men and rising in women.

    There is a genetic component to both autism and homosexuality. Imbalances of sex hormones in the womb can also cause homosexuality.

    Homosexuality is "natural" in the sense that it exists in other animals besides humans. A long book was written about this called NATURAL EXUBERANCE.

    Are autistic people more likely to be homosexual? Only research can answer this question. Why does it even matter? Who cares?
    If you want people to accept homosexuals and autistics, you are going about it the wrong way. You might try studying some of the positive accomplishments of people who are homosexual or have autism-like disorders. There may be a link between male homosexuality and creativity. Many creative people like Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Turing, and Tchaikovsky were bisexual or homosexual. Albert Einstein had some traits similar to autism.

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    Thank you for your feedback.
    There currently exists a dearth of studies in this area in ASD. There are anecdotal impressions and a handful of case-studies presently suggesting sexual diversity in ASD and gender-identity issues. There have been requests from the community to firstly ascertain the rates of different sexual orientations and secondly understand some of the sexual expressions and related gender issues among persons with ASD.

    For this scientific analyses of data is required. Based on our data, we hope to inform the design of sex-education programs and increase awareness and respect for the different sexualities of those with ASD. There are many who are silently struggling and desire professional and community support.
    As to the query on whether people with autism have higher rates of alternative sexual orientations and about anyone caring or it mattering, there are those who sincerely care and wish to have some direction. Family and friends of persons with ASD and indeed those living with it have expressed their desire for such information. If there is a way to improve our understanding and the quality of care we offer to those in need, find ways togain support and acceptance, then this would be a worthy reason to pursue agreater understanding.
    Homosexuality and creativity most certainly have been linked, and in my second Qualitative study, we are looking into such aspects. This first study that is posted here is descriptive in its posture. The second study seeks to understand and lend richness to the descriptive data, and is currently under Ethical review.
    I thank you once again for your comments.
    Best wishes,
    Rita George

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    Male homosexuality and autism hardly correlate with each other:

    Male homosexuality is caused by the lack of enough testosterone exposure a male fetus experienced in the womb while autism is caused by just the opposite. However if by homosexuality you meant female homosexuality/lesbianism(which is a bit different from male homosexuality), then I would have have understand the message of this thread more accurately. Either way, the male neurotypical(non-autistic) population would have a much higher percentage of male homosexuals(in terms of number and proportion) than would the male autistic one.
    When was the last time you guys heard about autistic men being heavily into fashion, gossip and other very male homosexual hobbies? Seriously get a clue!

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