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Thread: N1C in South Baltic - Caused by Varyag elite of Baltic Tribes?

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    I have a confusing positive SNP marker for M9313, which is representing some problems as it is associated with a number of different Y Haplogroups, Y H2a1, I2a2a, D1b, and also Y 'N'.

    Regarding Y Haplogroup 'N', SNP M9313, is connected with the Y N SNP 'F2905', which using Robert Spencers SNP Tracker tool, is showing a 'Paleolithic' Location in Sweden, ( before or during the beginning of the Holocene period, around 11,500ybp ? ) via a pathway to Y N L731,. Its arrival pathway to this area, came from an area of modern day China.

    The information on Y Tree, 'N' is indicating F2905 formed 18,100ybp, with a TMCRA of 15,900 ybp. The most recent downstream subclade of F2905, being Y15965, is indicating, 'formed 2700 ybp', with a TMCRA of '600ybp', associated within Poland. On entering this SNP Y15965 into the SNP Tracker tool, it then highlighted the descendant pathway from Sweden, of Y N-L735, to Iron Age Poland Y N-L731.

    The vast majority of downstream subclades of Y N F2905 are associated with Chinese markers/locations, but do show the mentioned movements of people from East Asia into the region.

    Is the SNP M9313 representing a genuine number of migrations, with several differing Haplogroups, including Y 'N', or is it a false call for a number of these Haplogroups,that are being associated with it.

    Is there any way to clear this, or any information available that may explain how this occurs.
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    Check the authors list of the publications.
    No author knowing Lithuanian or Latvian as mother tongue.
    Fins discuss with fins if Danes were right about Baltic loan words
    The same about publications in Russian:)))

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