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Thread: N1C in South Baltic - Caused by Varyag elite of Baltic Tribes?

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    H2a1 M9313
    MtDNA haplogroup

    Country: UK - England

    I have a confusing positive SNP marker for M9313, which is representing some problems as it is associated with a number of different Y Haplogroups, Y H2a1, I2a2a, D1b, and also Y 'N'.

    Regarding Y Haplogroup 'N', SNP M9313, is connected with the Y N SNP 'F2905', which using Robert Spencers SNP Tracker tool, is showing a 'Paleolithic' Location in Sweden, ( before or during the beginning of the Holocene period, around 11,500ybp ? ) via a pathway to Y N L731,. Its arrival pathway to this area, came from an area of modern day China.

    The information on Y Tree, 'N' is indicating F2905 formed 18,100ybp, with a TMCRA of 15,900 ybp. The most recent downstream subclade of F2905, being Y15965, is indicating, 'formed 2700 ybp', with a TMCRA of '600ybp', associated within Poland. On entering this SNP Y15965 into the SNP Tracker tool, it then highlighted the descendant pathway from Sweden, of Y N-L735, to Iron Age Poland Y N-L731.

    The vast majority of downstream subclades of Y N F2905 are associated with Chinese markers/locations, but do show the mentioned movements of people from East Asia into the region.

    Is the SNP M9313 representing a genuine number of migrations, with several differing Haplogroups, including Y 'N', or is it a false call for a number of these Haplogroups,that are being associated with it.

    Is there any way to clear this, or any information available that may explain how this occurs.
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