In the mountains of the Balkans we find a peculiar type of "old style" singing which can only be compared with the howling of wolfs. The singing can be solo or group singing. If it is done in a group it has the same polyphonic characteristics as the howling of a wolf pack. In Serbian it is called "ojkanje". The center of this musical tradition seems to be in the area of the Dinaric alps and in the Balkan mountains.

We can find similar type of old style singing in Sardinia, Ireland and Estonia and Georgia. But the singing seems to become less animal and more human like, the further away you go from the Balkans.

How old is this type of singing? Is this maybe the oldest, the most primitive type of singing preserved today in Evroasia?

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I would appreciate any links to any Evroasian primitive singing examples of the same type which I have missed. Tuva singing is derived from the same old tradition but it has since changed into a completely different singing style. All European choral singing is also derived from this ancient wolf singing but has since changed beyond recognition. I am looking for other culturally conservative populations which have preserved the old singing in its original form or as close to it as possible.