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Thread: Two Genes Linked To Violent Crime.

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    Two Genes Linked To Violent Crime.

    I came across this abstract this morning by chance whilst reading a related topic. It is an abstract which is behind a pay-wall unfortunately. However, what it regards is a genetic analysis, carried out via two independent studies of Finnish prisoners who had committed violent crime.
    The study suggests to have identified two genes associated with violent crime and found them to be present in those who had done so.
    The two genes are the MAOA gene [ dubbed previously as the "warrior gene" because of links to aggressive behaviours] and the CDH 13 gene, neuronal membrane adhesion protein [ associated with control of impulsive behaviour and substance abuse]
    On testing those who had committed non-violent crimes they say no substantial figure for such was found among this group.
    This is the abstract:

    I had a look on the usual sites but nothing regarding this study has yet been listed.

    EDIT: Here we go, this piece is given by BBC news.

    It seems the group in the study was made up from almost 900 prisoners which included those convicted of murder, manslaughter, attempted homicide and battery. It also says those with these genes had 13 times higher rate of re-offending. However, as you read there is a point made also for environmental factors. Also, Jari Tihonen of the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden states, "even if an individual has a high risk combination of these two genes the majority will never commit a crime" suggesting that while the relative risk would be increased, the absolute risk is very low. Not sure how worthwhile this is then, but here is the piece by BBC. It is an interesting read at least.
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