Sword, knife was the weapon that defined bronze and iron age. Before Bronze and Iron were invented, there was no way to make long, thin, flexible blades, which could be used as weapons. The invention of Bronze and later Iron changed all this and we suddenly see emergence of warrior caste, military elite, which will eventually rule the world from Atlantic to Pacific.

In this post I will talk about the swords, knives, blades, their design and names and the affect they might have had on tribal identity of the people who used them.

Scythians worshiped iron swords. Their male ancestor, who is said to have been no other than Ares, was always depicted wearing one. If we know that the Scythians were the true people (sons) of the sword (wielding warriors), is it possible that Scythians were named after their ancestral weapon, the iron sword, knife, blade named "sec"? And did the iron sword wielding male ancestors of Scythians come from Europe, more precisely the Balkans?

Are Sclaveni (Slavs), Saxons, Scoti (Irish), who all used a long knife called "saex" (sek) in medieval time in some way related to Scythians?

How old is the root "sek"? Is it possible that it comes from neolithic or maybe even paleolithic times?

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