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Thread: 23andme and FtDNA

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    23andme and FtDNA

    I recently got results back from both these companies and while 23andme came back saying I was 100% european (75% British Isles) , FtDNA came back 96% european and 4 % North African (specifically Moroccan) how is this possible ? What does 4% North African equate too in terms of how far back in my family ?

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    Yes I had my DNA tested by 23andMe and I had some doubts. The DNA tests are not accurate. Expect to get a 10% +/- difference. However, there was a case of an American Indian woman who received her results as 81% European, 17% East Asian, 1.2% black and 0% Indian. The funny thing is that she is a registered in an Indian tribe and has only one white grandparent and three full Indian grandparents. I saw her picture and she definitely looks Indian -- but mixed. First of all there is no such thing as 100%. No one is pure. Your 4% North African comes probably from Spanish, Portuguese, Italian ancestors. But North African DNA also comes from the Neolithic farmers that invaded Europe and has been found to be about 2-3% in all of Europe. Southern Europe is higher around 6-10%. If you don't have Latin ancestors then its definitely neolithic.

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