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Thread: I2a2a (M223) found in Megalithic Spain

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    Arrow I2a2a (M223) found in Megalithic Spain

    All the attention about the new Haak et al. 2015 paper has been concentrated on the Yamna R1b. Nobody cared to notice another important discovery, the first ancient I2a2a1 (M223>CTS9183+) sample. They didn't test for M284 though, but L1195 was negative.

    So far all the Mesolithic and Neolithic I2a samples, including Megalithic ones from France, were I2a1. This is the first I2a2.

    Nowadays CTS9183 exists mostly as I2-M284, which is found essentially in the British Isles, especially in Lowland Scotland and Ulster, but it actually has a very wide distribution. The FTDNA I2-M223 project shows that M284 is also found in Finland, Scandinavia, Germany, France and Spain.

    The Spanish Megalithic sample from the Pyrenees dates from 3900-3600 BCE, which is a bit older than Ken Nordtvedt's age for M284. However it is very unlikely that all European I2a2a1 spread from the Pyrenees region just around that time, so I'd think that I2-CTS9183 is at least one millennium older this sample.
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