The Haak 2015 genomes have been released. Davidski has been working on them throughout the day. At his blog he said in Eurogenes K15 admixture they're most similar to the Volga ethnic groups; Erzya and Volga Tatars. He says they score 30-35% ANE and around 25% ENF, so it's safe to assume they're scoring 40-45% WHG. He says Yamna are fitting better as 50/50 EHG/Tabassaran not EHG/Aremenian or Iraq_Jew.

So, in ANE K8 and Eurogenes K15 Yamna are most similar to modern pops in far eastern Europe, around where these samples come from. Volga-Russians are starting to look like Bronze age Russians with Siberian admixture. ANE is still quite high there. Udmurt are scoring the highest at 25-28%.

Note: Middle Neolithic Europeans tend to score around 40-50% WHG and 60-50% ENF. So, we can already start getting an idea how much Pontic steppe vs EEF ancestry Euro pops have based on ANE K8. Assuming all my ANE is from the Pontic steppe(which it certainly isn't) I fit as around 30-40% Pontic Steppe and 60-70% EEF. My paternal line R1b-P312 is likely from the ancient Pontic steppe and my maternal line U5b2a2b1 is likely from EEF. Most Europeans probably won't fit as a perfect Yamna+EEF mix because other pops were involved.

Davidski later today will make a post about K15 and ANE K8 analysis of Yamna. I'll post a link to it.