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I think North Sea and East European are two sides of the same medal. So we should see them as one. Ashkenazis are heavily admixed with East European genes. So naturally taken both components together they should have more of it. Most of their East European DNA is probably North Sea like.

And most of AJ European genes seem to be in Atlantic and West Med component. I have almost no Atlantic. And less West Med but suprisingly more East Med. Also I have some of the ANI/South Asian (Gedrosia) genes just like Yamna.

Here are my results => http://www.eupedia.com/forum/threads...l=1#post451225
I don't know... AJs plot next to Sicilians and Maltese according to the last test by Lazaridis. I Tested with Eurogenes K8 and I plot in southern Europe, apparently next to south Italians, according to Davidski.