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Thank you for the material. Even assuming this is correct (as an Italian knowing the inter-regional dynamics within Italy and people's movements IRL, I really struggle to see how someone from Umbria, but even an Abruzzese, may be genetically closer to a Greek than a Tuscan), that was really not my point: what I mean is, just because a part of Italy may bear genetic resemblance to Greece (or part of it) I don't see much sense in grouping these otherwise quite different countries in one subforum (just as one example of many, parts of France are genetically very similar to parts of Germany still I bet they would never be grouped together in a "France & Germany" subforum as it would make very little sense considering the marked cultural differences).

In Italy there is a main cline that goes from north to south on a west-east axis, with the exception of some areas of north-eastern Italy that go to the northeast. The Abruzzese (genetically, culturally and linguistically are southern Italians) are more southeast of the Tuscans. The Umbrians are central Italians but they also seem on the whole to be a bit more southeast of the Tuscans, although on the whole they remain further north than the Abruzzese.

Obviously this is the genetic discourse, from a cultural point of view I understand that grouping all Italy with Greece does not reflect reality. The Italian Alps really have almost nothing in common culturally with Greece and have much more in common with neighbouring countries. As well as other areas of Italy have something more in common culturally with the south of France than with Greece. But even in southern France there is something Mediterranean like in Greece, unlike the rest of France which is clearly more a country similar to central Europe, or even in northern France, to the countries of northern Europe.