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Thread: physically impossible, fuzzy data and marketing oriented factoids

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    physically impossible, fuzzy data and marketing oriented factoids

    Is not possible i get the smaller number of neanderthal % among all male europeans (from scandinavia to calabria) since i'm fully european. something wrong in the calculation.
    physically impossible, fuzzy data and marketing oriented factoids.

    1.8% neanderthal 2.4% denisovan (geno 2.0)
    2.3% neanderthal (23andMe)

    Eurogenes West Eurasia K8 ANE 0.092115 South_Eurasian 0.008414 Near_Eastern 0.55965 East_Eurasian 1E-005 WHG 0.329281 Oceanian 0.005839 Pygmy 0.004681 Sub-Saharan 1E-005 Lower bound NE ANE 0.090867 South_Eurasian 0.009607 Near_Eastern 0.531805 East_Eurasian 1E-005 WHG 0.356408 Oceanian 0.00634 Pygmy 0.004953 Sub-Saharan 1E-005

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    Your Neanderthal is in the usual range. European average is 2.6. That doesn't mean every European has 2.6 or above. That means there are Europeans with lower and higher Neanderthal ancestry than this 2.6%.

    Take in mind it is less than a percentage of your ancestry we are talking here about. It doesn't matter much if 3.0 or 2.0%

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