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Thread: FTDNA Results in. Now What?

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    FTDNA Results in. Now What?

    Well, my results finally began to come in today from FTDNA. Predicted Haplogroup I-M253. However, I am not sure as yet what I am actually looking at. I know that it is early and they will evolve over time as more come in. Thus far it appears the highest nummber of matches are in Norway and England with next being Germany and Ireland. Out to the right side of the results it shows "Notes" and lists Shetland, Oslo, Kvinnherad, Isle of Man and Lancashire. I know from looking at all this info I am certainly going to need some directions as to how to read it or what it all means. Mr Nordtvedt asked me months ago to review my results when they arrived so maybe that is where I will find out the specifics. This is exciting, but a whole lot to digest. Does any of this info point to an origin of the results? In other words, what people/populations my father's side likely picked up the I-M253 from? I see the STR panels and the Haplo Tree SNPs. Is that the info that tells the deeper story?
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