If I were in Italy, I would be eating lamb, prepared like this:

Instead, I will be eating baked ham, which is also good, of course.

It is to be a buffet, so I was instructed to prepare some suitable "sides", preferably "Italian". I may be getting a bit of a complex...do they want me for me...or for my cooking?

Potato salad, consisting of boiled potatoes, dressed while still warm with a dressing made of olive oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley and salt and pepper, of course. (I boil the potatoes with two or three cloves of whole garlic which I then remove...this can be omitted.)

Green beans and cherry tomatoes simply dressed with olive oil and vinegar:

Stuffed vegetables Ligurian style:

My Torta di riso:

Since I am reliably informed that it wouldn't be Easter without my mother's meat ravioli and without stuffed artichokes, I made those during the week and served them yesterday with a leg of lamb. Otherwise, I would have had a mutiny on my hands...

My children like them stuffed southern Italian style so I oblige them...

I would prefer them fritti alla giudia...fried Jewish Roman style, although I never met an artichoke I didn't like. You need very small, tender artichokes for that, however. I order them from an online source in Castroville, California.

Oh, for English speakers, I recently discovered a you tube channel done by an Italian American which is quite good. She also has a blog where she posts the measurements. It was very enterprising of her...she now has a show on the food channel. She has great technique and seemingly a good palate, in my opinion. I can only take her in small doses, however, as perky and cutesy is not my thing...

I don't make this very often, because it is far too fattening, but it's delicious and super easy. Probably most of her followers don't know that she's actually a good cook...they just like her obvious enjoyment of what she does and of the food itself!