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Thread: Colori di Liguria-Travels in Liguria

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    Colori di Liguria-Travels in Liguria

    I've been alerted to a series of videos that were presented at a show in Genova. The visuals are stunning and are accompanied by lovely music and snippets of text. You'd have to be blind if you didn't want to go after clicking on these. He has captured the sights and even the sounds, from the rushing of spring water and the patter of rain, to the rustling of the wind through the greenery and the chirping of birds. I wish there was a way to waft the scents your way.

    Oh, the auteur is Enrico Bottini. The young man has a future, in my opinion.

    Marrone (Brown): The sleeping woods-It could also be titled foraging in the woods in autumn...

    Blu (Blue): The winter sea

    Bianco: (White) Snow

    Rosa (Pink): Liguria Infiorata-Liguria in Flowers

    Verde (Green): The Mediterranean Shrubland

    Arrancione (Orange): The color of the nets...

    Grigio (Grey):The Stones

    Giallo (Yellow): The seaside villages

    Rosso (Red): Genova, La Superba

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    Angela! you have shared a really nice stuff of information about this destination and have also shared a nice link about this place. I have some idea about Liguria and it is a crescent-shaped region in northwest Italy. I want to go once again in Italy and want to say again nice sharing

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