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Thread: New francalcci paper on Sardi or extension of old one

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    New francalcci paper on Sardi or extension of old one

    Detection of phylogenetically informative polymorphisms in the entire euchromatic portion of human Y chromosome from a Sardinian sample

    Paolo Francalacci1*, Daria Sanna1, Antonella Useli1, Riccardo Berutti23, Mario Barbato4, Michael B Whalen5, Andrea Angius5, Carlo Sidore5, Santos Alonso6, Sergio Tofanelli7 and Francesco Cucca58

    Knowledge of the evolution of the human genome depends on the availability of informative genetic markers to sustain phylogenetic reconstruction. In recent years, advanced genotyping technologies have enhanced the resolution of genome wide analyses by using hundreds of thousands (300 K to 650 K) of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) [1]-[3]. In recent years, data generated by large scale Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) projects [4] have promised a fuller evaluation of genetic variation of the nuclear genome. However, for autosomes, genetic recombination, allelic gene conversion and natural selection complicate the phylogenetic reconstruction. Instead, because it does not recombine and has low reversion and recurrence rates, the male specific portion of the Y chromosome (MSY) can furnish key information about human evolutionary history.
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    every year now, more than 10.000 new SNPs are mapped
    visibility will become very clear as more and more detailed info of subclades start seeping in

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