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Thread: Dodecad 12b - Maltese results

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    Gela is South Eastern Sicily city not Western. Licata is Southern Central. Camilleri is a Southern Sicilian surname, not Palermitan because inhabitans of Palermo have ancestors from all over the island (and Italy).

    The second province were Attardo peaks is Siracusa.

    Vella is common all over the island except Enna and Messina provinces.

    I add other common surnames in Malta like Bonnici, who is almost exclusively of Siracusa and Catania

    And Abela

    As you can see, the latin surnames of Malta are from all over Sicily, not just Agrigento and Caltanissetta provinces.
    Sicilians and mainlander Southern Italian phenotype galleries.

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    It just seems obvious to me that given that the "Maltese" surnames are concentrated along the southern coast, the most likely point of departure from Sicily to Malta was there even if they are found elsewhere.

    Another two peaking in Gela are Azzopardi ("Zuppardo") and Scicluna ("Scicolone", derived from the town Scicli in Ragusa province).

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    Quote Originally Posted by HQ420832 View Post
    Here are (for the first time I think) the Dodecad 12b results for of a friend from Malta (all known ancestors from Malta). Not surprisingly, his results are quite similar to Sicilians but with a higher African component (North/West/East=8.0% vs 5.0%) quite similar to Portuguese (8.5%).

    Component Maltese Sicilian_D
    Caucasus 34.8 36.5
    Atlantic_Med 25.3 30
    Southwest_Asian 13.2 11.9
    North_European 11.5 11.9
    Gedrosia 6.8 4.5
    Northwest_African 6.1 4.1
    Sub_Saharan 1.0 0.2
    East_African 0.9 0.7
    South_Asian 0.2 0.1
    East_Asian 0.2 0.0
    Southeast_Asian 0.1 0.0
    Siberian 0.0 0.0

    Same for Dodecad Globe 13:

    Component Maltese Sicilian_D
    Mediterranean 36.4 40.6
    West_Asian 24.9 23.6
    Southwest_Asian 19.5 17.3
    North_European 15 16.5
    East_African 1.7 0.5
    West_African 1.3 1
    Palaeo_African 0.0 0.2
    Australasian 0.5 0.2
    East_Asian 0.5 0.1
    Siberian 0.2 0.0
    South_Asian 0.0 0.0
    Amerindian 0.0 0.0
    Arctic 0.0 0.0

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    Maleth knows a great deal about Maltese history. Perhaps he'll chime in, and correct me if necessary, but the Knights engaged in the slave trade. Some of it may have come from Africa. That might explain the differences, although they are small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pratt View Post
    Dodecad K12b 4-Ancestors Oracle
    This program is based on 4-Ancestors Oracle Version 0.96 by Alexandr Burnashev.
    Questions about results should be sent to him at: [email protected]
    Original concept proposed by Sergey Kozlov.
    Many thanks to Alexandr for helping us get this web version developed.

    The GEDmatch version of Oracle may give slightly different results from Dienekes version. The GEDmatch version uses FST weighting in its calculations.

    Admix Results (sorted):

    # Population Percent
    1 Atlantic_Med 35.43
    2 North_European 31.73
    3 Caucasus 18.92
    4 Gedrosia 7.19
    5 Southwest_Asian 5.01
    6 Northwest_African 1.64

    Finished reading population data. 223 populations found.
    12 components mode.


    Least-squares method.

    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 N_Italian_Dodecad @ 10.754071
    2 North_Italian_HGDP @ 13.897596
    3 O_Italian_Dodecad @ 14.276514
    4 French_HGDP @ 14.957365
    5 French_Dodecad @ 15.008798
    6 Romanians_Behar @ 15.771966
    7 TSI30_Metspalu @ 16.440754
    8 Bulgarian_Dodecad @ 17.053511
    9 Bulgarians_Yunusbayev @ 17.141352
    10 Baleares_1000Genomes @ 17.607548
    11 Galicia_1000Genomes @ 17.678137
    12 Tuscan_HGDP @ 17.976521
    13 Extremadura_1000Genomes @ 18.569544
    14 Mixed_Germanic_Dodecad @ 18.880589
    15 Portuguese_Dodecad @ 18.963093
    16 Hungarians_Behar @ 19.319050
    17 German_Dodecad @ 19.339350
    18 C_Italian_Dodecad @ 20.204691
    19 Cataluna_1000Genomes @ 20.442408
    20 Dutch_Dodecad @ 20.850052

    Using 2 populations approximation:
    1 50% British_Dodecad +50% Greek_Dodecad @ 1.446007

    Using 3 populations approximation:
    1 50% Dutch_Dodecad +25% O_Italian_Dodecad +25% Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.828508

    Using 4 populations approximation:
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    1 German_Dodecad + Mixed_Germanic_Dodecad + N_Italian_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.393276
    2 Bulgarian_Dodecad + Cornwall_1000Genomes + French_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.500826
    3 British_Dodecad + Bulgarian_Dodecad + French_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.610817
    4 Bulgarian_Dodecad + French_HGDP + Irish_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.640883
    5 Bulgarian_Dodecad + French_Dodecad + Irish_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.665206
    6 British_Dodecad + Bulgarian_Dodecad + French_HGDP + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.677554
    7 German_Dodecad + Orkney_1000Genomes + Sicilian_Dodecad + TSI30_Metspalu @ 0.683037
    8 Bulgarian_Dodecad + Cornwall_1000Genomes + French_HGDP + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.691684
    9 C_Italian_Dodecad + Mixed_Germanic_Dodecad + Norwegian_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.719428
    10 Ashkenazy_Jews_Behar + British_Isles_Dodecad + Dutch_Dodecad + O_Italian_Dodecad @ 0.722368
    11 Bulgarian_Dodecad + French_HGDP + Orcadian_HGDP + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.760813
    12 Cornwall_1000Genomes + French_Dodecad + Romanians_Behar + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.765977
    13 Argyll_1000Genomes + Hungarians_Behar + North_Italian_HGDP + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.773724
    14 Ashkenazi_Dodecad + British_Isles_Dodecad + Dutch_Dodecad + O_Italian_Dodecad @ 0.781435
    15 German_Dodecad + Mixed_Germanic_Dodecad + N_Italian_Dodecad + S_Italian_Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.794302
    16 German_Dodecad + Orkney_1000Genomes + Sicilian_Dodecad + Tuscan_HGDP @ 0.804098
    17 British_Dodecad + German_Dodecad + O_Italian_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.808714
    18 Argyll_1000Genomes + Bulgarians_Yunusbayev + French_HGDP + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.818413
    19 Argyll_1000Genomes + German_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad + TSI30_Metspalu @ 0.826889
    20 Dutch_Dodecad + Dutch_Dodecad + O_Italian_Dodecad + Sicilian_Dodecad @ 0.828508

    Father's Mtdna H95a1
    Grandfather Mtdna T2b24
    Great Grandfather Mtdna T1a1e
    GMother paternal side YDna R1b-S8172
    Mother's YDna R1a-Z282

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    Country: Malta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
    Maleth knows a great deal about Maltese history. Perhaps he'll chime in, and correct me if necessary, but the Knights engaged in the slave trade. Some of it may have come from Africa. That might explain the differences, although they are small.
    Sorry just spotted this now. Thanks for the comment. Indeed you are right Angela. The Knights engaged in a considerable slave trade activity mainly due to their very well know maritime (Corso) activities. We know that when General Napoleon Bonaparte took over from the Knights, he had abolished slavery and freed some 2000 North African Slaves (presumingly mostly Tunisians). It is well presumed that most of these Slaves had remained on the Island converted to Christianity and also married local women. Some would have also returned to their native lands. This could well explain any possible North African component genetically.

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    Country: Malta

    2 members found this post helpful.
    Gedrosia 5.89 Pct
    Siberian 1.29 Pct
    Northwest_African 5.99 Pct
    Southeast_Asian -
    Atlantic_Med 25.73 Pct
    North_European 10.91 Pct
    South_Asian -
    East_African 1.59 Pct
    Southwest_Asian 13.16 Pct
    East_Asian -
    Caucasus 35.33 Pct
    Sub_Saharan 0.1 Pct
    Dodecad 12b results

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    Country: Australia

    Those results are similar to mine, which is expected as I am Maltese born of Maltese born people going back as far as I can find. Those results can be distorted by marriage practices and chance. One man or woman could have given me all my North European, and that has come to me through genealogy collapse, i.e cousin marriages. I have done a lot of dna testing and I am related distantly to every Maltese person, also most half Maltese people, and a lot of quarter Maltese people. There has been little non paternal events, as surnames and their Y haplogroups are identical. I can tell from your haplogroup E-V13 your surname is not Schembri, Agius, Muscat, Vella, Micallef, Farrugia, Abela, Zammit....Portelli is R1a for example.

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    Country: Malta

    Maltese Dna

    Dear Ozzie

    Most Maltese people if not all are somewhat related. We are all mostly descended from 25000 people who inhabited Malta in 1530 when the Knights of Malta took possession of the islands.
    My interest is in history especially social and most specifically the Middle Ages, a period we know very little of. Exploring the DNA of the Maltese population will help unravel some of the questions we are still posing in respect of this period.
    I have very little knowledge of how DNA works so I hope you do not mind if I pick your brain with a couple of questions.

    First of all you are right that my true surname is not included in the ones you mention, although quite a number are represented in the family tree through maternal lineage, which is not surprising because they include some very common names such as Farrugia and Vella.
    But more importantly and intriguing to me is how can you tell that my haplogroup is E-V13 ? and what surnames would you associate with this particular haplogroup ?

    Thanks for replying

    Sincere regards

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    Country: Malta

    Muslim conversos

    When the Arabs invaded Malta in 870 AD North Africa was populated mainly by Berbers, and the descendants of the Phoenicians and Romans. It is very likely that when Malta was repopulated around 1050, if we are to take Al-Hamyari's account as the Bible truth, meaning the island was uninhabited for nearly 200 years, possible but unlikely, given the strategic position, the main influx would have come from Sicily. These Sicilians would have some Arab, Berber and Jewish blood but most of them would have been the conversos descendants of the original Sicilian natives. The last Muslim stronghold in Spain fell in 1492, and their history there is very well documented, studying Spanish parallels can shed valuable light on Maltese early Mediaeval history, where we are lacking in valuable documentation. Professor Wettinger laid the foundations and broadened horizons regarding misconceptions sieving the truth from folklore.

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    Country: Australia

    When I was at 23andMe I made notes of my Relative List Y chromosome haplogroups and surname. I did that to see how much non paternal events occurred in Maltese people. I found few anomalies which could have been NPE or a freed slave taking their old master's name or a foundling given a surname or a foreigner who decided to assume a Maltese surname. I only know one surname that is E-V13, it is also the name of a village. I don't know every haplogroup with every surname, just the ones that appeared in my Relative List, and 23andMe gave basic haplogroup information.

    Examples: Micallef, and Vella are both I-M223, Portelli is R-M417, Galea is R-M269, Camilleri is J-M172. I found another surname that is E-V13, it starts with S, and often confused in marriage records with a surname that starts with Z.

    One thing I found out from dna testing is I thought I was from Malta, but I found one of my great great..grandmothers was Gozitan and because of her on Ancestry, most of the Maltese people I get are of Gozitan stock, they have a lot of cousin marriages.

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