Y-DNA Haplogroup T and its Subclades - 2015

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• T2 PH110, PH196, PH478, PH526, PH550, PH768, PH933, PH1092, PH1106, PH1172, PH1268, PH1294, PH1343, PH1378, PH1434, PH1457, PH1546, PH1579, PH1583, PH1633, PH1691, PH1841, PH1867, PH1883, PH2017, PH2156, PH2279, PH2292, PH2328, PH2855, PH2861, PH2900, PH2933, PH2990, PH3010, PH3131, PH3150, PH3341, PH3399, PH3422, PH3474, PH3561, PH3721, PH3842, PH3862, PH3868, PH3922, PH3943, PH3996, PH4121, PH4216, PH4431, PH4591, PH4676, PH4746, PH4802, PH4834, PH4842, PH4892, PH4935, PH5136, PH5171, PH5181, PH5212, PH5256, PH5433

PH = Pille Hallast, Ph.D., University of Leicester, Department of Genetics, United Kingdom

response below from T project administrator
The listed SNPs have been seen in two separate individuals who were previously just T-M184* (i.e. M184+ M70-).
They are sample bhu-1892 (from Bhutan) in the Hallast et al paper and YFull sample YF03586 (which is also a kit in the T Project, from Armenia). As there is no known recent connection between these two samples the SNPs can be considered non-private. YFull estimates that T1 and T2 split around 26,900 years ago (compared with an age of 15,800 years ago for the three-way split of T-M70).