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Thread: GM food- forbidden or not?

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    GM food- forbidden or not?

    I believe that most of you may know the event that Scottish government announced a ban for GM corps to protect the environment of Scotland.
    If you don't, you can search Scottish, GM food, and I think you can find many news about this.
    So here is the argument: what is your opinion about GM food?
    Support or oppose, or whatever...?
    Welcome all knid of opinion and evidence, but please show others some respects.Thanks!

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    As there is no scientific evidence showing that GM food will pose danger to our health, I won't oppose nor accept such food as my daily food. In other words except the food which are widely gene modified like bean, I won't chose the GM food when there is choice.

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    its So importent for Health Because Food is Importent For Your Hole health.

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