I started topic "Balkan genetic influence in Slavic peoples"https://www.eupedia.com/forum/thread...l=1#post582082 in which I presented information that eastern and western Slavic peoples have a certain percentage of Balkan genetic if we follow public autosomal results. It is my opinion that "Balkans" in fact represents a common source ie White Croatian and some other older tribes in the area of the old Slavic homeland.

It would actually proof that Balkan Croats coming from area of White Croatia and that a good part of Slavic peoples has same source. Since the Baltic genetic also occurs among Slavic peoples it proves Balto-Slavic connection which exists in language.

Baltic and Slavic languages share several linguistic traits not found in any other Indo-European branch, which points to a period of common development.

When migrations of R1a peoples in that area (Baltic, Poland etc) are identified then we'll see from where is that connection or "common development".