Historians often point to Bohemia, Silesia, Lesser Poland or Ukraine as the places where White Croatia happened to be located..



. In 2011 Nordtvedt has confirmed I-L69.2 is not older than 2,800 years. In his last comments about Haplogroup I tree and the conjectured spread map, he locates the start of the I-L69.2 lineage around the middle course of the Vistula

So far, most or all of those who are negative for S17250 have patrilineage
originating near the Carpathians, particularly southeastern Poland and
extreme western Ukraine. That pattern may change with more sampling, of
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Even though there are not so many results for the new SNPs for people from Croatia and Serbia, many of these people belong to the "Dinaric-South" group as defined by STRs and I think most of "Dinaric-South" will belong to what our project calls the I-Z16983/A356 group


I2a movement through history


Another haplotype among Croats R1a Z280 CTS3402 also has a high frequency in southern Poland but for now I do not know source of same .... probably is in southern Poland but it remains to be determined ..



For now Croatian genetics shows that most of its male population comes from White Croatia to Croatia..This means that file of Porphyrogenitus from 10th century which tells about arrival of Croats is true...It confirmed and Chronicle of Priest of Duklja from 12th century..and Historia Salonitana 13th century...