The hotspot of M223 is today arround the Harz-Mountains in Germany.
Other Hotspots are in Vństerbotten (Sweden) Eastanglia (England) and the Lowlands (Scotland).
Another areas with a higher Level are the Benelux, Danmark and the Chech Republik.
The Roman political Tacitus says the Suebian Tribes lived west and east of the river Elbe and south of the Baltic sea. This was the same area wehre the Aunjetizer-Cultur had been.
Peter Heather is also speaking in His Book "Babarian Invasion" from the "Suebian-Triangle". It matsches nearly the same area in 3th century a.d.
Tacitus also says that the Angles have been a tribe of the Suebians. This would explain the hotspots in Britain and East Ireland.
You also find some M223 inthe northwest of the iberian penisuela - the Kingdom of the Suebians.
Some Thuringians - a elbgermanic tribe - settled near the Rhine in the 5th century. So we have some M223 in the Benelux
Parts of the Suebians have been Alamanni und that is the reason you find M223 in some areas of swiss.
I think in Sweden it could bee a bottleneck-effect in Vństerbotten. Perhapst Traiders of the Hanse in Medieval times.

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