Orphans and poor children

The Soviets, I read, used orphans to create the KGB as the orphans would be truly loyal to their benefactors.

The Turks raided Christians children in the Balkans to create the Janissaries.

The oil-rich Arabs in the Persian Gulf donated to charities to fund madrassas, religious schools for orphans and poor children abandoned by their parents or given to the charities to bring them up. The religious teachers having complete control could teach whatever they wanted. The most likely version of Islam was Wahhabism i.e. the establishment of Sharia Law which means it supersedes all man-made laws by legislative bodies. Since these children were generally not of the top of society they absorbed uncritically the extremist teachings. One can easily see how extremists just appear out of the blue. These graduates just appear and do what they know and that is extremism.

It is a human trait to abuse one’s position. The Catholic priests had complete control of the Bible and interpreted things the way they wanted with indulgences, purgatory and what not and this caused Martin Luther King to object and created the Protestant movement which brought the Bible to the masses.