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Thread: Illyrian and Albanian - a linguistic approach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sile View Post
    doubt it
    from studies
    The other hypothesis is that Illyrian is related to Messapic, a language spoken in Apulia (the "heel" of Italy). There are indeed ties between the two areas: because northern winds are common in the Adriatic Sea, it is easy to sail from the Illyrian islands to the the opposite shore. Returning home, these sailors brought back products that were stored in Apulian pottery, which has been found in great quantities along the Illyrian shore.
    Because we know so little about the Illyrian language, these hypotheses cannot be tested. However, we are certain that they cannot both be true because Messapic and Albanian are certainly not related.

    we also have

    we also have
    I doubt messapic is illyrian, my opnion..........messapic is messapic, dalmatian is dalmatian , pannonian is pannonian etc etc

    from Terra dei Messapi:

    imo some of my results hide Illyrian DNA in Albania, RO, Serbia, West Balkans, ...

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