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Thread: Do you feel frustrated after reading the news and feel you want to do something?

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    Question Do you feel frustrated after reading the news and feel you want to do something?

    Often after reading the news I feel empathetic with something bad that has happened to other people (e.g. earthquake) or just something that really frustrates me (e.g. the way the government has dealt with a situation) or something I really want to happen (e.g. all the nations at the Paris Climate Conference to take bold action against climate change). However, news media often just serve you the bad news and there is no option to take an action and change the situation.

    After you do some research you can perhaps find a climate march to join in or a way to donate money to the people affected by the earthquake. However most of the time we are left with this bitter feeling from the bad news and we either do not do the effort to find a way to take action (perhaps because we think there is nothing we can do) or we research online but cannot find any way to take action.

    Have you experienced the same kind of empathy/ frustration/ desire to make a change after reading the news? Have you had the same need to channel that feeling somehow and take action about an issue? Have you had the problem of not being able to find a way to take action?

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    That's not my experience. Usually with big disaster news, or couple days later, there are published information (TV) where to donated to help affected people. In Syrian crises there are many organization collecting and helping.
    Other have their own accounts like Red Cross, Salvation Army, World Vision, etc.
    I donated through Google initiative, which funneled the money farther.

    Pretty much many major organizations, like Red Cross or Doctors Without Boarders, take part in most big catastrophes. If you support one of them, your money will help people in distress around the globe.

    Governments have their own collection channels and often much private donations dollar for dollar.

    PS. I have a feeling that you are a perfect candidate to work in these organizations.
    Be wary of people who tend to glorify the past, underestimate the present, and demonize the future.

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