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Thread: Bronze Age Canaanite fortress disovered in northern Israel

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    Bronze Age Canaanite fortress disovered in northern Israel

    They've always fascinated me, both because of their culture and because of the tie to the ancient Israelites.


    "NAHARIYA, ISRAEL—A 3,400-year-old Canaanite fortress that had been destroyed at least four times by fire has been discovered at a construction site in northern Israel. The Bronze Age citadel contained ceramic figurines in human and animal forms, bronze weapons, and imported pottery. The artifacts indicate that there had been trade ties with Cyprus and the rest of the Mediterranean basin, Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists Nimrod Getzov, Yair Amitsur, and Ron Be’eri told Haaretz. The fires also preserved remains of cereals, legumes, and grape seeds. Other Canaanite sites have yielded vessels bearing wine residues, but it is not clear if these grape seeds were left behind by wine makers. The site will be incorporated into the basement of the new residential structure."

    See also:

    "Analysis of the pottery is providing evidence for the “extensive commercial and cultural relations that existed at that time with Cyprus and the rest of the lands in the Mediterranean basin.”

    I think this might have implications for the ethnogenesis of not only the Canaanites but of the Jews.

    "Other important discoveries found amongst the ruins are plentiful remains of cereals, legumes and grape seeds “which are indicative of the provisions the sailors would purchase” according to the IAA archaeologists. This is consistent with their belief that the site was used as an administrative center that served Mediterranean mariners."

    Furthermore, there is evidence that Canaanite religion was based on agriculture and had pronounced fertility motifs. The most important gods of the Canaanites were called Baalim (Lords) and their consorts were Baalot (Ladies). Women were also thought to have had a relatively advanced status, and they served as priestesses, owned land, entered into contracts, and could initiate divorce."

    Also interesting is the discussion of wine. The Canaanites were very fond of it. I know the Israelis have reproduced an Israelite wine. Perhaps they'll do the same with other ancient vintages, including this one. I'd love to know the actual taste of ancient wines like Falernian.

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    Very interesting. A snapshot of a culture before bronze age collapse.
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