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Thread: Y-DNA descendants / relatives of La Braña (C1a2) in modern Europe

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAYZOO View Post
    I have a theory for this it seems that the G2a were mostly crop farmers and did not have cattle Otzi the iceman was lactose intolerant and had no traces of dairy products. so G2a built their farms under mountains where freshwaters would come down from the mountains to help the crops grow but when winter came or if their crops were not doing well they may have gone up into the mountains to hunt in search of food because they did not have cattle that could support them year round like other Neolithic farmers in Europe when Otzi died it he was wearing lots cloths and had frostbite on his toe which suggest it may have been winter. Basically it seems like they used hunting in the mountains as a backbone when there were no crops to feed on
    "The domestic animal species bred by LBK farmers are mainly cattle, followed by pig, sheep and goat"
    "Hunting of wild animals is only of small relevance in the LBK of the study region"
    Oelze et al

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    So if we look Paternal haplogroups in europe during the neolitic which would we associate with herding, crop farming, hunter gatherers, ranching, nomadic or sedantary farmers, poultry, and fishing. Basically which haplogroups do we associate with these lifestyles in neolitic euroupe

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    this is a very interesting discovery. what reason is behind such survival strategy ? for self protection using natural barriers like mountains , or islands surrounded by water ? less accessible for others to come ? trying to stay away from 'something"?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tomenable View Post
    What strikes me is that even of these few samples of C1a2 and C2b1a which have been identified in modern Europe, most are carried by people who live in (or whose earliest known paternal ancestors come from) either mountainous, surrounded by mountains (basins / valleys) or water from most sides (islands / peninsulas), as well as otherwise remote regions. I don't think that it is just a coincidence.

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    C1a2a2-Z29329 it is not possible that they were the original inhabitants of Alto Palancia. The ancestor of Soneja, my ancestor, descends from an ancestor of Las Alcublas, inland area of the current province of Valencia, which in turn descends from the area of Catalonia, especially Lrida.

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