While the Western world has been absorbed with news of the terrorist attacks in Brussels, people often forget to look at what is happening in the developing world.

Yet in India over 15,000 people died and no one took notice. Among them, 118 were murdered, nearly two thousands died in accidents and the rest died mostly of diseases. Yes, that is because India has a mortality rate of 7 per 1,000 people per year, which means that over 6 million people die annually, which translates as roughly 16,700 deaths per day.

This puts things into perspective when we feel scared by what we perceived as a huge terrorist attack, which resulted in 31 deaths. In fact, about as many people died in Brussels of natural causes and traffic accidents on 22 March than in the two bombings. 110,000 die every year in Belgium, which means 301 per day. For Brussels that is about 35 deaths per day on a normal day.

Worldwide 150,000 people die every day, which means over 6000 people per hour, or 100 people every minute. So every minute we are watching the news about the terrorist attack, 100 people die in the world, and not just of natural causes. Wars, murders and accidents make up a sizeable portion of these deaths. There are people dying all the time all around us, but we hardly notice it.