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Thread: Is there a good or any modern english precize word for...?

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    Is there a good or any modern english precize word for...?

    - agnatic related tribe
    - agnatic related house-clan-family-kin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rethel View Post
    - agnatic related tribe
    - agnatic related house-clan-family-kin
    These are a cluster of related concepts, so there isn't likely going to be a single word to describe them all. From a purely agnatic perspective, I would say that "clan" or "house" most likely fits most situations in which you want to describe an extended family according to patrilineal descent. For example, you can talk of Clan MacDonald*, the House of Lancaster, the House of Stewart, etc. These are all families that are (notionally) all descended from one founding man. In my own experience, the term "family" can be used to describe any convenient grouping of relatives, including non-agnatic relatives. The term "tribe" often has a broader meaning that encompasses large groups of people that have a cultural similarity and a supposed, though undocumented and probably undocumentable, common family tree. For example, the (medieval) Anglos can be described as a tribe, but as they are a mix of R1a, R1b, and I1 haplogroups, they are either not an agnatic clan or else are a very old agnatic clan indeed, dating all the way back to the time of Haplogroup F.

    *Somewhat famously, a genetic study has indicated that the founder of Clan MacDonald, namely Donald, was likely a member of a predominantly Norwegian subclade of y-haplogroup R1a, meaning that he was very likely a Viking or a paternal descendant of one.
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