Yes, Helas. Nothing new: spite it comes through Academia Edu, it's only a very short compilation for Welsh high-school - by Koch - of diverse works conclusions (Allentoft, Haak, Cassisy, Olalde, Desideri...) very similar to abstracts of some "scientific" newspapers.
The only thing is that it supports one of my hypothesis without too much details: a non-I-E origin of first BB's, a partial acculturation ("ideology" he said) of Central Europe* I-Eans with auDNA rich in 'steppic', before moves towards the Netherlands, Britain and Ireland around 2450 BC (order not discussed). This "ideology" did not change the old habits of patrilocal exogamy.
It adds Iberia became at least partly I-Ean after the first spread of genuine BB's out of it, and before the end of BA. He seems supporting some influences of the Irish BA through maritime routes around 900 BC (Burgess, O'Connor 2008). Never heard of that but I'm very weak concerning archeology.
Sorry for the wet firecarcker.
*: I suppose and I hope his 'Central Europe' is rather Southern Germany, Switzerland, Czechia and surroundings...