My whole life I was in the background and later front line of discussions about philosophy and theology among my Dad and one of my brothers. My Dad has a phd in theology and my brother just starting working on his phd. I've always been a bit anti-philosophy and anti-objectivity/open-mindedness, and now that I'm older I can finally articulate why I don't think it is the be all and end all. Sorry my grammar won't be perfect and it might be hard to understand what I'm writing, but this is a forum not school so who cares.

Philosophy and objectivity is mostly good
First of all I want to say the vast majority of the time they are good ways of thinking. Except once they reach a point I'll describe below.....

Why Philosophy and Objectivity aren't the be all and end all
We don't ever think about it, but all of us have believes and behaviors we love and would never give up. Atheist see theists as close-minded, yet all atheists also have believes they to would never give up. All Atheists are close-minded. Atheists have the faiths and restrictions to, they're just differnt faiths and restrictions.

Would if lets say hypothetically(I know this is illogical, but ignore that and just put yourself in the hypothetical), basic human behaviors and believes that you take for granted defied logic. Some of you here claim anything is ok as long as no one is harmed and everything that harms people is wrong.

Ok, would if being competitive is somehow(in ways we didn't know) very harmful to society, would if laughing was somehow very harmful, would if loving people people was very harmful. I know this is crazy, but like I said put yourself in the hypothetical. Lets say hypothetically society really would be better if you gave these things up, despite how hard that is to believe.

It's difficult to produce a hypothetical situation. My point is we do all have believes and behaviors we would never give up. None of us are willing to be completely objective. I don't know about you, but I care more about doing what I love than being objective. Human behavior is contradictory and illogical in many ways, so many of my hypotheticals are actually realities. People are happy to be objective as long as it doesn't go against their sacred believes. You might not be aware of this because your sacred believes, like theism used to be, is an assumed truth no one even thinks to question.


I don't think philosophy and objectivity are the most important things in the world like some here might think. It's sometimes a waste of time to philosophy about life and ideas in my opinion, you should just live life and not think about it. It can be nerdy and unhealthy behavior to. Philosophers have a limit of how much they will philosophy, yet philosophy has the assumption they can be completely objective. I'd rather live in the Stone age than in a communist "objective" society which is bare of humanism.

I know Angela and Lebork are probably ready to call me anti-logic and anti-reason. I'm not. All I'm doing is pointing out that we all have faith. We all have believes we would never give up no matter how illogical they were. IMO, this is important to know. There's nothing more annoying than a smartass who thinks he's the most objective guy on the planet and looks down on everyone else.