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Thread: The genetic structure of the world’s first farmers

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    The genetic structure of the world’s first farmers

    Very nice new paper up. Dynamite: Natufians were only half Basal Eurasian and Basal Eurasian appears to have had no Neanderthal! Furthermore, the CHG part of Steppe appears to be made of Caucasian HG and part Iranian Chalcolithic. Fitted mixture proportions are 52.7% EHG, 18.1% CHG, 29.2% Iran_Ch.

    Supp Info:

    The Neanderthal is very interesting as well. O, and Basal is not African. It is buried somewhere in the supp info tables.

    EDIT: Y-DNA of Natufians were E1b and some J1. Iran G1a G2a and some J.
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