A. Papadimitriou

Following my previous comment on Bell beakers and Celts, one must bear in mind that when the greeks and later romans started to talk about Iberia they noticed that Iberia was diverse.
The Cynesii, were actually The non Celtic group. Cynesii, or the Coinos, They were the remains of the Perdigoes and Porto torrao people that had a lot of berber, north African, admixture and kept way from the everything that went down between 2000BC onwards north of them. Cynesii must have been the most similar group to south Iberia Chalcolithic flooding into Iberia from north africa fleeing the 5.9 kiloyear event that made the Sahara desert. Berbers mixed with pure Caucasians that had been in North lower Egypt. Of These later specific group, Those that flee west where to become the bell beaker stock. Those that flee east, following Kindship (always keep an eye in it) became the Cholchis (or part of) and Iberians…. In Georgia (yes, Caucasus). That is why those brought back some sub-Saharan (Nubian and upper nile) admix into the coast of the black sea.
So, the ancient greeks and even romans noticed it. From south Iberia up there was diferent, there were the Oestrimni people and all the western and north Iberia was at that point the result of the first men that were the bell beakers (non PIE?), and the backflow the follow the next milenia (already pie?) and was a gradient of pie speakers with non-pie speakers, resulting from the blender that the BB millennia network had been. a back flow that did not involved DNA from central eastern groups, even if some were also BB.