Do I have partial European genes? If this is the case I'm thinking my long past ancestors came out of the Steppes and then moved to the South where they settled. My family is near northern area of Pakistan. My grandfather is told had green eyes, some cousins have blue eyes, my brother according to his German wife said looked "white." Now, I'm more fair skinned, but could them being lighter skinned with non-brown eye color be explained by this European background?

Dodecad V3 Results:

East_European 5.64
West_European 11.26
Mediterranean 5.88
Neo_African -
West_Asian 20.37
South_Asian 46.24
Northeast_Asian 2.07
Southeast_Asian 4.04
East_African 0.14
Southwest_Asian 3.82
Northwest_African 0.53
Palaeo_African -

Dodecad K7b Results:

# Population Percent
1 South_Asian 43.37
2 West_Asian 39.56
3 Atlantic_Baltic 11.09
4 Southern 3.34
5 East_Asian 1.44
6 Siberian 1.21

My HarpaaWorld Admixture says I have 9.46 NE European and 12.72 Caucasian.

If so, what can I do next to trace my family history? These are just atDNA results. Should I do yDNA and mtDNA?