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Thread: False constructions in the world

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    False constructions in the world

    This thread opens to reveal false constructions of the world as well as historical manipulations, ultimately discover the truth and to analyze the why of counterfeits.

    We started with the cathedral and the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

    We all know how popular Barcelona with its Gothic Quarter, who would not want to visit a city with buildings / artworks / s buildings. XII?

    Every day, hundreds of tourists walk the city center taking pictures in this beautiful area of the Catalan capital thinking of the incredible historical value that should have but, although most people do not know, the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona has what Gothic I of Paris Hilton. It is not only a beautiful architectural assembly.

    To give you an idea, the famous bridge carrer del Bisbe was created in 1928, the very year in which Sara Montiel was born! (I labor this relationship I have done). It is only 85 years old.

    Attachment 7902
    The image on the left is the original facade.

    Why they have created a Gothic false?

    If we look back we see that there was a nonclassical stage in the art world, the Middle Ages. It has always been considered a transitional stage 10 bit dark centuries and transcendent. A stage of "child, do not take that land, which is from the Middle Ages and it stinks."

    n fact, the art linked to these centuries became known as "Gothic" by the Renaissance simply refer to the "Goths," the "barbarians" who ended the classical order.

    However, and despite being a time hated by all throughout history, the nineteenth century ends with these prejudices and seeks to create a heterogeneous environment. For the first time welcomes the medieval art, the Muslim, Egyptian, etc. All that would become the nonclassical thick.

    These "neo-Gothic" revivals, such as Bridge carrer del Bisbe, have much political movement behind. This nineteenth century medieval art is an attempt to search the birth of contemporary nations, such as Catalonia. This seeking his identity in the past.

    In conclusion: the authenticity of the Gothic Quarter has never been uncovered not only because it serves to attract a huge number of tourists, but also because it is used by the Catalan bourgeoisie as identification of the city, with the aim of monumentalizarla (many monuments): "we must see how beautiful is our Barcelona, ​​which most splendid art has always had. "

    Uncovering the center of Barcelona

    If you sit on the steps of the Plaza del Rey and you look closely at the windows of Gothic features, you will realize that they are "as new". Well, they are.

    The same goes for the Ramblers Centre of Catalonia, for example, which was added in 1922 geminados arches.

    Barcelona Cathedral is another great fake. While that was built during the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries, what we see now are the Gothic elements to be included later, between 1882 and 1913.

    I would like everyone to know that this Gothic Quarter has the original look of yesteryear; however, and I hope that does not sound contradictory, I'm a big fan of these beautiful buildings that are located in the center of Barcelona. Although demystified, its beauty is indescribable.

    Moreover, we would lack fingers on hand to count the number of cities that have changed their old towns with the aim of giving them more prestige; therefore, it was not, much less, an evil idea from the Catalan politicians, but an aesthetic philosophy that was born in the nineteenth century and was important enough to awaken current policies apoquinaran money and hands were put to the play. So you have "a pass".

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    Well the "Goths" become symbolism of bravery in national Romanticist time,"Gothicism" too,however this is myth,reality might be much different.
    The real Gothic architecture i can find resemble Byzantine or Eastern art;
    San Pedro de la Nave

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    Who were the Goths?? De origine actibusque Getarum?

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