At the start of the Holocene(11,500 years ago) or shortly afterwards there were at least four distinct races in West Eurasia. The origin of these races and their relationship to each other is not completely known. Older genomes are needed to learn this. Nonetheless all Modern and Metal West Eurasians are a mixture of two or more of these races and many also have ancestry from Africa or Northern Asia.

Western/Southern Europe: Known as "WHG"
Russia: Known as "EHG"
Caucasus and Iran: Known as "CHG" and "Iran_Neolithic"
Anatolia and Levant: Known as "EEF" and "Natufian".

For the two West Asian races there was at least some diversity within them. CHG and Iran_Neolithic weren't exactly the same, EEF and Natufian weren't exactly the same. A West Eurasian population having ancestry from one instead of the other, for example CHG instead of Iran_Neolithic, is significant but it is often hard to decipher.

Using D-stats from Eurogenes you can produce accurate ancestry percentages for Modern and Metal Age West Eurasians from each of these four ancestors. Below is a spreadsheet with results.

Holocene Ancestors Of West Eurasia

Iran_Neolithic vs CHG and Anatolia_Neolithic vs Levant_Neolithic

Caucasus and Europe favor CHG over Iran_Neolithic.
Mesopotamia/Iran and SouthWest Asia favor Iran_Neolithic over CHG.
Everyone favors Anatolia_Neolithic except for SouthWest Asia and North Africa who favor Levant_Neolithic.

Concluding remarks.
SouthWest Asia is an about 40% Iran_Neolithic+60% Anatolia/Levant_Neolithic mix.
Egypt has significantly less Iran_Neolithic than SouthWest Asia and Morocco has even less.
Mesoptamia/Iran is an about 50% Iran_Neolithic+50% Anatolia_Neolithic mix, with maybe some minor EHG.
Cypriot is the same as Mesopotamia/Iran but has slightly more Anatolia_Neolithic.
The Caucasus's amounts of Anatolia_Neolithic and CHG/Iran_Neo are about equal, and then the rest is EHG which varies among ethnic groups.

CHG/Iran_Neo is over 20% in all of the Middle East but is at only 10-15% in almost all Europeans.
CHG/Iran_Neo is slightly higher in Southern Europe, especially in Sicily at 26%.
WHG has a presence in all of Europe but is absent in all of the Middle East. Peaks in Iberia, Sardinia, and Northern Europe at 10-15%.
EHG has a strong presence in all of Europe but has a weak presence in the Middle East outside of the Caucasus.
Anatolia_Neolithic is the most important ancestor for all Europeans, except Saami. It reaches over 50% in all of Southern Europe.

Saami have Mesolithic Scandinavian ancestry
Saami score the lowest Anatolia_Neolithic for Europe at 22% and highest EHG at 34.85% and second highest WHG at 13.85%, despite scoring 24% Siberian. The Saami's West Eurasian ancestors had much more EHG and WHG than any modern Europeans. The fit for Saami was bad but through other analysis I've been able to confirm they have extra Holocene European ancestry other Europeans don't have and that they have significantly less Anatolia_Neolithic ancestry than other Europeans. Evidence suggests they're normal Northern Europeans besides about 15% SHG(Mesolithic Scandinavian) ancestry and 25% Siberian ancestry. That 15% SHG is raising their score in both EHG and WHG.